Willow sculpture dancer I’ve moved to Wales, my house looks to the sea, and I can’t stay away from the beach. It’s taken most of this year to find my feet and set up my new studio, but it’s nearly there, and a break from work has given me time to generate new ideas, regain enthusiasm for making. Watch this space!

My creative process depends on the type of commission I am asked to do.

Sometimes a client has a clear idea of what they would like, and my job then is simply to listen carefully to their ideas, and bring them to life. At other times the site provides the inspiration, and then I will spend time there, just looking, taking in the atmosphere and the feel of the place, noting details and taking photos. I then like to leave some time between that visit and the finalization of an idea to allow things to settle. I am constantly intrigued by this process, the thing which happens in our brain when ideas are given time to develop, the refinement and formation of an initial impulse by which a piece materializes. It’s like being in an old fashioned darkroom, all of the elements of the big idea are there but they won’t be hurried. Often it isn’t until the little buzz of adrenaline generated by a deadline kicks in then it all falls into place, the bright idea emerges and then it’s time to get to work!


2014 Sculpture at Doddington Hall


2014 Wire and Willow at Stillingfleet Lodge

2014 ENCHANTED at Cannon Hall





at Reg Taylor’s Swan Sanctuary, Southwell http://www.sculptureinthesanctuary.co.uk/

2013 - SURFACE - Willow arch 2 figures

at Burghley House, Lincs April to October http://www.burghley.co.uk/about-burghley/gardens-deer-park/sculpture-garden/

2012 – WILLOW – An installation of 12 illuminated dancing willow figures

At Rufford Country Park Aurora light event. Nottinghamshire

2012 - “A LIGHTNESS OF SPIRIT” Light Sculpture installation of 6 floating figures

at Nottingham Light Night Event.

2011 – “ROOMS” Exhibition of Willow and hazel baskets and greenwood furniture

Beetroot Tree Gallery, Draycott, Derbyshire

2010 – “COCOONS AND HIDING PLACES” -Willow installation

at the Himalayan Garden & Sculpture Park Exhibition, Ripon.

2009 – “STEP INTO MY PARLOUR” Willow pods and wire men installation

At the “Sculpture in the Sanctuary” exhibition, Southall, Nottinghamshire

2008 – “WANDERING WILLOW” – demonstration of figurative willow sculpture

At Vicar Lane Shopping Centre, Chesterfield.

2006 - Sculptural furniture and baskets

At Bolehill Art and Architecture trail, Derbyshire

2005 – WILLOW INSTALLATION – willow and steel resting places

Part of Matlock Live Visual Arts Trail, Lea Gardens, Derbyshire.

2005 - Willow installation,

At the Harvest Moon Festival, REAP, Derbyshire

2004 – willow figures, & burning willow man workshop.

Wirksworth Art and Architecture trail and the Stone Centre, Derbyshire