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Hedgerow baskets April

Hedgerow basket Carole Beavis

Just spent a couple of days scouring the beautiful Derbyshire countryside for materials for hedgerow baskets. Made on a frame, these baskets have a real rustic charm and can be made using all sorts of materials gathered from the garden or hedgerow. I have a lovely piece which is evocative of the time when baskets were made by anyone who needed to carry something…I have no idea where it came from, but it has always charmed me…. “Well I soon had a look round this field; I wanted a frail basket, like the men on the farm take their dinner in, thought I would like to make one and saw plenty rushes growing alongside the horse pond. There was a deep dry ditch which overlooked the field so I gits some sticks and laid some rubbish on top and made myself a shelter which was now my basket factory, when I had learned myself how to braid. I got a good lot of rushes and laid em to dry. Next day I looked at my rushes, found they was dry and thought I’ll make a start and du a bit of braiding…..”

I’ll add some more of the story tomorrow

Ideas for Christmas

Willow arch POA A Pair of Bitterns POA

Unique, individual gifts.

another delivery today..Wallace and Gromit

Wallace and Gromit willow sculpture

At last, some space in the workshop, these guys have been filling the spaces between reindeer for a couple of weeks, but are on their way to Thame today. Looking forward to a few hours of loud classic FM and van nibbles. It will give my hands a rest and rejuvenate my soul…as long as I can ignore the fact that is the M42

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