I am inspired by the natural world and our relationship and responses to it. My current work brings together natural materials and our instinct to celebrate. Using willow on steel armatures I want to capture the fleeting expressions of joy that reveal our inner childlike response to pleasure…to dance; play and simply to celebrate the joy of being alive.

Commissioning work

If you are interested in purchasing any of the work shown on this site, or would like to make an enquiry about commissioning a piece please feel free to call for an initial chat. Each sculpture is unique and designed to complement your garden or home.

RHS Hampton Court 2015

We had such a positive response for Sarah Keyser’s @CouCoudesign’s “City Twitchers” garden, thank you to everyone who helped make it happen! The garden was featured in the September Edition of Gardens Illustrated and on the BBC 2 Hampton Court Coverage.

Participatory work

I also like to get involved with a wide variety of groups working on large scale projects; promoting creativity as a tool for improving health and well-being. When working with others my intention is always to give people a sense of the possibilities of natural materials and the confidence to be free to experiment with their ideas. For more details about courses and other projects visit Wildworks.

Living Willow

Living willow structure, dens, domes, tunnels and arbours make a gorgeous to play or relax. If you would like advice about planting something for next year, please get in touch. Planting season is very short (Dec to March), so it is a good idea to book early for the 2015-16 planting season. I provide a design and build service, or you can buy in kit form with full instructions. Find out more about Willow Workshops.